ENG139  -  Δέσποινα Παυλίδου

Ενότητες - A day in the life of an Australian teenager

A day in the life of an Australian teenager

This is my key pal Nicole. Her life is different. She lives in Central Australia at "the outback" . She doesn't go to  school every morning like other children around the world. They're miles away from cities and town so there are only "schools of  the air" at the outback.

Three times a week she has an "on air lesson" for 30 minutes only. Her teacher mr Kennard doesn't live in the area." I see him on my computer screen and he sends me work to do by e-mail. I do it and send it back" says Nicole.

Every day she studies for five to six hours. She learns things off by heart and she does exercises. She also watches interesting videos and of course she takes tests. " My mum helps me a lot. If I have a serious problem, I send an e-mail to my teacher".

In the afternoons she goes horse riding and she learns how to cook. She enjoys cooking. "There aren't many children in the area but I've got two very good friends. What do you do every day? I'm sure your life is really different!"