ENG139  -  Δέσποινα Παυλίδου

Ενότητες - e-diary


Take a look at the e-diaries that the students have created in class. Try to make one for yourself too!

 Φιλί eDiary             Γέλιο   my diary                  Γέλιο  my life                     Κλείσιμο ματιούmy week

Then listen to Jean-Paul talking about his life!

Άνετοςpart 1

Hi there!

I'm Jean Paul. I'm 12 and I live in Tours, in France. My city is about 250 km from the

capital Paris. I live with mymum, my stepdad and my step brother, Thierry.


My day is very busy. I get up at 7 o'clock, have breakfast and leave for school. It's

only 10 minutes on foot so I don't get the bus. I usually ride my bike to school.

I'm never late.


Lessons start at 8. I'm in year 5 and my favorite subject is Social Studies. We learn

about our city and our rights. I also study Ancient Greek! The Greek alphabet is so

weird. We have a lunch break from 12 to 2 o'clock. I don't eat at the school canteen.

I go back home . Then we have lessons again until half past four. (boring!)


In the evening, after dinner, my parents watch TV. I prefer listening to my CDs and

reading my comics. I also tidy my room a bit because my mum goes crazy if I don't.

But I hate it of course! I go to bed at around 11 o'clock. After school, I always play

the guitar for half an hour. I relax that way. Then I do my homework. On Wednesdays

I  play tennis at the tennis club. In France we love playing tennis and cycling. Do you

know anything about the Tour de France?