Christmas Traditions

Παρασκευή Βασιλειάδου


Christmas Traditions 

This lesson places its emphasis on Christmas traditions. Through videos, presentations and meetings learners get to refresh their memories and new vocabulary is introduced. Games, forums and questionnaires engage learners actively in the learning processs.

Lesson Objectives 

One of the lesson's main objectives is for learners to be able to effectively discuss about the traditions they follow with their families and loved ones. Another important aspect of this lesson is that learners have the opportunity to practice and become familiar with online material. 



The first unit introduces learners to the topic of Christmas traditions. They become familiar with the topic and they get to express their ideas and thoughts as well. 

Vocabulary related to Christmas traditions is introduced in this unit. Words are connected with corresponding pictures to make learning more interesting. 

Christmas traditions in Great Britain are introduced through interesting videos. Learners discuss what they learned by answering questions in the Forum section and by completing questionnaires. 

Feedback for both the Forums and the Questionnaires will be sent to you via email. Also, I will upload on each forum some general observations that will refer to everyone. 

Carols were not always about Christmas. They evolved through the centuries and today they are the carols that people and especially children sing from door to door and as choirs in the church.

Everyone has some favourite Christmas traditions. You have to select your favourite traditions and make a collage with pictures depicting those traditions. Then justify your answer by expressing your thoughts. 

We will have a synchronous session in Webex to discuss all together about the course as it reaches its end.



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